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EA Coin (EAG) Brings A Revolutionary Future
And The Latest Technologies From The Online Industry.


1. Abstract

Taking the advantage of the development of blockchain technology, EA Capital issues the new cryptocurrency – EA COIN (EAG). The goal of this white paper is to outline the issues cryptocurrencies face in everyday business transactions and how our solution can improve the blockchain and decentralized currencies.
First, we explain why we have a buyback program and how it benefits the owners of our token. Second, we explain why we chose to develop the token on the Bitcoin and Ethereum platforms, how we plan to roll out our open source platform on a global scale, who we are and what technology partners we have.
Next, we explain how the proceeds from the crowdsale will be used to further develop the EA Coin Technologies Platform, build a global network, enhance our integration into iOS and Android mobile applications, and to assemble our global integration teams.
Finally, we share our roadmap to further develop the blockchain community by bridging the gap between consumers and merchants using cryptocurrencies around the planet.

2. What is EAG perpetual?

EAG is an ambitious and wide-ranging blockchain project, aimed at disrupting the local merchant cryptocurrency payment business.
EAG is a worldwide open source e-commerce marketplace platform that anomynously connects subscribers with local merchants that do not accept cryptocurrencies.
The EAG platform will be offered free to developers so that it will be available to the thousands of app developers around the world in need of our solutions.

3. What is EAG network?

EAG Network satisfies the need of crypto-community to connect and the need to secure P2P business transactions in a new counter-economy. Today the community is fragmented and connections are fragile for two reasons. It’s still a new market (though it’s growing rapidly), and because it is so new, it is hard to find professionals one can immediately trust and strike a deal with. EAG aims at resolving the issue of trust for crypto-community on a fundamental level by giving people opportunities to find each other and do business in a new, yet safe environment in accordance with the principles of decentralized economy.
The platform utilizes a system of ‘ geniune rating’, which means only those, who actually did business with a user have a right to rate them as professionals - thus basing their reviews on real successful business transactions, and not assumptions or marketing information. This means that reviews can not be fake, and that the platform will become a credible, solid source of information about viable blockchain-related projects globally, decentralized technologies, real due diligence reports on upcoming token generation events, and will give voice to real blockchain experts who have a track record of successful deals.
Using EAG Network people can connect and strike business deals via smart-contracts, launch projects, promote their businesses, find projects to invest in, payment online and groups to join. Additionally, such platform would help in recruiting collaborators, posting jobs as well as CVs with all parties profiting from these features.
EA Capital allows users who can make payments online and gain discount when using EA Coin (EAG).Currently, there is no platform providing this array of services. It is time to introduce a large scale public network based on blockchain technology that would include a decentralized ledger for business and social networking purposes. This will allow the crypto-community to have access to a single, universal and public platform that allows cooperation and gives opportunities to discuss and strike business deals in the same environment.

4. Key abilities of the platform

EA Coin Network integration of smart contracts into a business platform lets its users do the following:
  • Trade goods and services.
  • Trade cryptocurrencies.
  • Hire and recruit specialists.
  • Participate in token generation events and blockchain projects.
  • Build entrepreneurs network.
  • Receive feedback or startups or token generation events.
  • Promote token generation events and network with startups.
  • Allow users to buy goods and make payment through flexible way via EA Coin.


1. Business contracts

EA Coin Network can be used to make the following business contracts (inside or outside of the crypto-community):
  • Outsourcing jobs (e.g., programming, white paper submission, translation, design, advisorship etc.), where terms and conditions are regulated by smart contract automation.
  • Engaging in freelancing, temporary or contract work, where.
  • Obtaining feedback from experts on the platform.
Making connections:
  • The user uses keywords to find profiles of potential employers or business connections.
  • Both parties discuss and negotiate the deal.
  • The user finalizes the deal by depositing the agreed-upon number of tokens in the smart contract wallet, which acts as guarantor of the deal.
  • After the service or trade has been performed, the smart contract wallet deposits the tokens to the recipient ( or client) as contracted.
  • System moderators act as arbitrators and use the contract terms to settle disputes, when and if necessary. Moderators are rewarded by the company since they need a financial incentive to regulate the blockchain ledger and supervise its dealings.

2. Starting a new project

Any user can upload their project, organization details or profile on EAG platform.
EAG Network uses a smart-contract automated platform, based on Ethereum, where transactions are encoded on its ledger, and where conditions are automatically executed once contract terms are met. Users use this function for investing, voting, fundraising, and crowdfunding.

3. The expert community

The platform vets all parties, records and authenticates all transactions that use the platform, rejecting illegitimate or questionable data. Expert members of EAG Network can also be requested to provide feedback on your project or enterprise, if you want them to.
The level of anonymity is optional to the users. The option to remain anonymous makes it a safe environment for anyone to warn investors of funding a scam, to warn participants of illegitimate organizations, to caution someone against hiring a certain contractor or accepting a certain job. The expert community can use this platform to provide professional feedback regarding issues discussed on the platform or point out the limitations, or deficiencies, of any particular transaction.

4. What EAG Network can do for you:

  • Help you engage in economic trade with entities from any country.
  • Provide a real-time transparent platform for conducting trade. Benefits include: rating businesses, smart contracts technology, locked-in funds that are only released when the contract is fulfilled.
  • Provide security: all transactions can be witnessed and monitored by qualified experts who intervene to resolve conflicts should you wish so.
  • Provide you with an extensive network of highly-professional members of crypto-community, connected to the blockchain industry, crypto economics, and IT.
  • Give you a flexible platform to expand your network of professional connections and search for specialists i n completely different areas
  • Give transparency to the outsourcing process
  • Give openness and scalability with a technically unlimited basic protocol that can handle a growing amount of storage, and has t he potential t o be enlarged t o accommodate membership growth.
  • Give opportunities to purchase online goods with best discount by EAG from 3%-50% through e-commerce channels such as: Alibaba, Amazon…

Core Features

1. Decentralized Service System

Any participant in the system will be able to open an auction for the service he needs, and then choose the performer by price or reviews.

2. Escrow System and Dispute Resolution

Thanks to the integrated system of Escrow, the payment risks from both sides are eliminated. Our system will help settle any complex disputes and disagreements.

3. The Use Of A Decentralized IPFS (Interplanetary File System)

To minimize the load the Blockchain system ad accelebrate the interactions, the main data array will be hashed and stored in the IPFS system, and only the hash code needed to extract them will be written to the Blockchain.

4. Liquidity of Slow Moving Inventory

By offering slow moving inventory at a discount on the EAG Technologies Platform, merchants can quickly liquidate stale inventory and increase retail foot traffic.

5. Anonymous Purchases

Since the subscriber never pays the merchant directly for goods and services, no user identifiable information is provided to the merchant regarding the payment. This payment system allows the user anonymity through purchasing transactions.

6. Integration SHA 256 and smart contract

Adopt the Bitcoin network’s SHA-256 algorithm to empower security and encryption and The aim with smart contracts is to provide security that is superior to traditional contract law and to reduce other transaction costs associated with contracting.

7. Stability

The platform is resistant to malicious activity of the participants. Blockchain intrinsically resists the malicious behavior of individual network members. However, if there is something else besides the blockchain in the system, additional efforts are required to ensure sustainability. We will return to this issue when we consider data storage.

8. Storage of data

The ability to store data and conduct a search through a large amount of structured data.

9. Scalability

The capability of the platform to handle a growing amount of work in order to accommodate member growth.

10. Open-source

All platform components have open-source code and are published with an open license.

11. Publicity

Anyone can join the network support system by installing the open software of the system.

12. Profitability

Users can profit from the platform.

13. Speed

The platform includes fast processing to achieve real-time computation and overcome the lag caused by current cloud-based models.

14. Expansion possibilities

The platform supports third-party applications (dapps) and provides a new model for building successful and massively scalable applications.

EAG Token (EAG)

Distribution Scheme of tokens:

All participants of the system will have the opportunity to use EAG tokens to pay for the services available in the system, which will ensure the liquidity of the EAG token from the real sector of the economy. After the pre-ICO, the main stage of the ICO, tokens will be released into free circulation on cryptocurrency exchanges. You can obtain EAG tokens in the following ways:

- Purchase of EAG tokens at the initial pre-ICO stage with the big commission policy for system (upline).

- Participation in the Bounty campaign.

- Purchase at the main stage of the ICO with a big bonus.

- Purchase of EAG tokens on exchanges after the ICO at the market price.

- Receiving EAG tokens for helping to develop and promote the platform.

- We are offering preminums rewards for early joiners. An escrow wallet for the contributions as well as a procedure for returning the funds, if a failure occurs, will be available.

- Initial Contribution Offering will commence on October 21th,2017 (UTC:00) and end on October 29th,2017 (UTC 00:00), Including:

Sep 30th,2017

ICO Presale

  • First 14 days

Oct 21th,2017

ICO public

  • remaining 17 days

Oct 29th,2017(the final day)

Token Price

  • EA Coin (EAG) will be accepted to exchanged from BTC, ETH.


EA Capital intend to use ICO proceeds as follows:

40% of the funds will be stored as the EA bankroll to enhance and control technological factors.
25% of the funds will kept in vaul as reserve. At EA’s discretion and dependent on market conditions, some portion of reserves can be used to buy out tokens on the secondary market to reduce public float.
25% of the funds will be used by EA system to fund capital expenditures related to platform development and business expansion.
10% of the funds will be used for promotion and marketing purposes.


06/2016 – 09/2017


  • Research on e-commercial market.
  • Research on cryptocurrency.
  • Research on traditional and online payment system & alternative payment solution.


ICO Process

  • 09/2017-10/2017
  • ICO Process
  • Late October
  • Token Sale Event
  • October 21th: Initial Coin Offering (ICO) period.

2018 Q1

Developing and Globalizing EAG system

  • Implemention of a cost-effective model for the EAG platform.
  • Integration with main EAG projects.
  • Reach agreement on deploying EAG payment solution via top chosen global websites such as: Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba…

2018 Q2

And further

  • Strengthen the partnership and enhance marketing campaign.
  • Distribute token revenue and holder income.


1. What is EAG token?

EAG Token is the digital key to all platform capabilities and the main value transfer tool in the system, which will also act as a financial asset and payment instrument.
Based Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchain , within which EAG token is issued to ensure transparency, invariability and reliability of transactions and interactions between participants.
The owners of EAG tokens will have a wide range of applications, starting with the monetization of their experience in the EAG project, ending with the opportunity to purchase any services of EAG specialists and partners around the world. Totally 50,000,000 tokens will be distributed during ICO.

2. What is the price of EAG token?

EAG is an ambitious and wide-ranging blockchain project, aimed at disrupting the local merchant cryptocurrency payment business.
EAG is a worldwide open source e-commerce marketplace platform that anomynously connects subscribers with local merchants that do not accept cryptocurrencies.
The EAG platform will be offered free to developers so that it will be available to the thousands of app developers around the world in need of our solutions.

2. What is EAG network?

The value of token is fixed for each of the ICO rounds with a gradual increase in the tokensale process. After the completion of ICO, EAG token will be listed on the exchanges and will be traded in pairs with other currencies at the average market price.
Tokens issued Price Round
10 million 0.70 $ October, 21th (00:00 UTC ->12:00 UTC)
10 million 0.75$ October, 23th (7:00 UTC ->21:00 UTC)
10 million 0.80 $ October, 25th (5:00 UTC ->20:00 UTC)
10 million 0.85 $ October, 27th (6:00 UTC ->18:00 UTC)
10 million 0.90 $ October, 29th (9:00 UTC ->21:00 UTC)

3. How to receive tokens?

The first distribution of EAG tokens will be made on October, 21th,2017. In case you’ve participated in Pre-ICO or any of our bounty campaigns, you will receive tokens automatically.
Each user who sent ETH or BTC during Pre-ICO will receive tokens on October 21th. EAG will be automatically credited to the Ethereum address or Bitcoin address from which the transfer has been made to the smart contract. All participants who join the distribution of tokens after October 21th will receive tokens automatically once the transaction is sent to the ICO smart contract address.

4. Can I transfer funds directly from my mobile phone?

For a mobile phone interfaces such as Ether Wallet and Blockchain wallet are available, but we can not guarantee that their use is 100% secure.

5. How will unsold ICO tokens be used?

The issue of tokens will be made immediately after sending funds to the address of the smart contract. Thus, during ICO will be distributed exactly as many tokens, as much participants will contribute. A total of 50,000,000 EAG tokens are planned for this purpose.

6. What are the benefits of using EAG?

EAG is a decentralized platform. We are expecting at least 500 000 participants using our perform only for the first year. This is the decentralized experience monetization platform which will give possibilities to convert any benefit into money and find experienced specialists with proven reputation. EAG token has a wide range of application starting from trading on exchanges ending with creation one's own blockchain solution, selling your services and buying products of our partners. We are working not only in Eastern Europe, though the support of the project is backed by over 2 million people living there. Over 3000 partners around the world have already agreed to accept EAG token as the payment for their services and products which will expand the demand.


This paper reviewed the proposal of EA Coin (EAG), a platform for business and social networking transactions. The platform is a publicly distributed system of self-motivated servers that serve a common purpose. The paper also outlines the architecture and key interfaces of EAG. These include: that it is a public distributed database with powerful processing speed, that it supports a secondary index and full-text search capacity, and that it can be used in conjunction with any blockchain that supports smart contracts.
EA Coin (EAG) Brings A Revolutionary Future And The Latest Technologies From The Online Industry.